Top Left Lace Accent
Krissie says...
“As spontaneous as glittered confetti and timeless like grandmother’s pearls,
Elizabeth is the true celebrator of your style and vision. She transforms each event
into a one of a kind celebration, making sure that your personal touches show through.
She is an organizer, an energizer and a soother every step of the way. Elizabeth has the
happiest persona; she is sweet, calm, has incredible patience, and is absolutely
awesome in every way!”
Elizabeth says...
“As fun as a frolic in a grassy meadow, and as organized as can be, Krissie has a true gift for
finding an impeccable balance. Her nature is warm, calming and confident at the same time.
She offers just the right amount of input to help to ensure that your vision shines through
on the big day. Krissie is truly passionate, has a great sense of harmony with a zest for life;
with her contagious smile she has just the right amount of sparkle!”
Bottom Right Lace Accent